Setting up environment

This assumes git and Python 3.5 or above are already installed on your system (see Installation).

  1. Fork the repository source code from github to your own account.

  2. Clone the repository from github to your local development environment (replace [YOURUSERNAME] with your github username):

    git clone[YOURUSERNAME]/csvlike.git
    cd csvlike
  3. Create and activate a local environment:

    python3 -m pip install venv
    python3 -m venv
    source bin/activate
  4. Install the package, this will also install all requirements. This does an "editable" install, i.e. it creates a symbolic link to the source code:

    make dev
  5. You now have a local development environment where you can commit and push to your own forked repository. It is recommended to run the tests to check your local copy passes all unit tests:

    make test


The development version of csvlike is only available in your current venv environment. Make sure to run source bin/activate to activate your local venv before using csvlike.

Building the documentation

First install the dependencies for building the documentation (sphinx, etc.) using:

make setupdocs

This only needs to be done once.

Then to build the documentation locally:

make docs

The documentation will be created in /docs/build/html/